Monday, September 23, 2013

Citrus Lane Box for September!

I'm back! And with my first Citrus Lane box opening! I was (impatiently) waiting for this box to arrive, as it was my first, and I was SO excited when it finally got here. 

I had done a lot of research before signing up to receive this box, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't be disappointed...and I was right. 

Let me tell you, Citrus Lane is a wonderful company! They only include the best products in their boxes and they truly care about making baby and mommy happy.

I registered Ava for Citrus Lane and entered her birthday and they sent her a box for her age for this month (four months). She received items that she can actually use, which is really awesome! I'm really looking forward to her next boxes to see what awesome products she gets! 

So, I won't make you wait any are the pictures!

Yay! I knew I was going to love this company right away because the box was so cute! 

We opened the box to find it neatly packaged and something fuzzy peeking out...and a note!

This note contains a list and description of each item included in the box.

Here's what we got!

The first item I noticed was this super cute Skip Hop Hug & Hide Lamb Chime Ball. Ava LOVES this toy! It is so soft, the perfect size for her, and makes a chime every time she hugs it. She smiles at it each time she sees it. This product retails for about $19.

The next item I pulled out of the box was "123s" by Charley Harper. This book is very different from other children's books I've seen, because the artwork is modern and the animals included are not the typical dog, cat, alligator. Ava also really enjoys this product and it retails for about $8.

The next item I saw was Babytime! Playful Wash which is a shampoo and body cleanser with calendula and tangerine oil. This is safe for babies to use and doesn't sting if it gets in the eyes. This wash smells SO GOOD! I've been tempted to use it on myself! I believe this is a sample size of the product because I couldn't find the price.  

The next things I saw were these trial size tubes of Dr. Smith's Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Ointment. These are great to put in the diaper bag! 

The last item in the box was a gift for me! It's a Julep nail color. Julep seems like a great company, just like Citrus Lane, because they strive to create awesome shades of polish that do not contain harmful chemicals. The polish I received is full size and is in the color "Coco," which is a deep reddish brown. This product retails for $14.

So, in all, my box's value was $41! I paid around $13 for my first month of Citrus Lane since I used the code TAKEHALF when I checked out, so I would say that's a steal! Boxes are normally $25 per month. 

I really enjoyed this box and cannot wait for next months box to get here!

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